UA Tutoring

A free tutoring program aimed towards helping Ukraine students


We want to help support Ukrainian students

Here at Compass Tutoring, we understand that Ukrainian people have to undergo a lot of suffering due to the war. In order to support the people of Ukraine, our team is launching a free tutoring program for all of the Ukrainian children who are affected by the war, UA Tutoring. We are extending our free online tutoring services to all Ukrainian children from grades 1 to 11 in English, French and Math.

Our Process

Step 1


If you are a Ukrainian student affected by the war and you are interested in our free tutoring program, your first step will be to register for a tutoring session. We will view your application and get in touch with you immidiately. Please follow the insturctions in the email carefully.

Step 2

Finding a Tutor

Once you register, our team will carefully review your application and pair you with an appropriate tutor who will be able to assist you with your needs. Once you are paired with a tutor, they will contact you and introduce themselves via email. Please note that this process can take up to a week due to a big inflow of students.

Step 3

Starting Your Session

Once your tutor contacts you, you will be ready to begin your tutoring session. Your lessons will occur online, using Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. Each lesson will be 1 hour long, and will focus on the subject that you selected in your registration. You and your tutor will decide for how long you would like to continue your lessons.

Services for Ukrainian Students



English and French lessons on writing, reading, comprehension and speaking from native English-speaking tutors and French-speaking tutors. Lessons on mathematics from North-American and Ukrainian grade 1 to 11 curriculums from experienced tutors.


Lesson Format

Once you register, you will be paired with a tutor who will provide you with one-on-one attention and support. All of our tutoring lessons last for 60 minutes. However, you can sign up for multiple lessons a week.



This program is absolutely free. All the tutoring lessons for Ukrainian students affected by war will be at no cost. Given the current situation, we will be welcoming Ukrainian students affeced by the war from all over the world.



This free program is focused on Ukrainian students in grades 1 to 11. The curriculum that will be taught will be a mixture of North-American and Ukrainian curriculums, provided that most of our tutors are located in North-America.


Want to help? Become a volunteer tutor!

If you are someone who is looking for ways to support Ukrainians and is interested in helping us in promoting our cause, we invite you to submit a volunteer tutoring application. We welcome individuals from different education and work backgrounds, who have some tutoring experience and knowledge of the subjects that we offer. Our tutoring application for this program is always open and we are always looking for more volunteers!


  • You can be tutoring from anywhere in the world!
  • You must be at least 15 years of age. High-school students, university students and adults are all welcomed!
  • You must have access to a stable internet and a computer, as well as be able to use google applications (Google Docs, Google Slides, etc) or Microsoft (Powerpoints, Docx, Exel, etc).
  • You must have relevent knowledge of the subject that you are signing up to tutor.
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian language, and/or fluency in French and English is in high demand!
  • This is a volunteering position, tutors will not be paid.